Additional bits in set-up

I am somewhat of a beginner, within my first year as a CNCer, But I have a question that must be on others minds. I’ve searched for the answer, to no avail.

Some of my projects work perfectly with only 2 bits, but others just take forever to get the final detail that I want.

My question is… It it possible to use more than 2 bits in an Easel Project to decrease run time as well as increase the detail in the final result?

Thanks for your reply.

Bill Carey

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Currently, kinda, with some manual work arounds.
By creating multiple workpieces and manipulating the different bit combinations you can achieve multiple bit carves.

However I’m interested to see one of these projects that takes forever for the detail pass.
Usually this is a result of carving flat bottom pockets and using too large of a roughing bit combined with a V bit resulting in the Vbit doing a significant amount of material flattening.

And/OR the Vbit not being entered properly into Easel resulting in tinier stepovers than necessary, elongating the carve time more than it should be. So for this make sure the Vbit is entered using the Bit angle and for “Width” this is supposed to be the widest portion of the cutter, NOT the tip width if that is provided for the bit… Entering the tip width is usually the cause for this one…

If you are able to, pleas share one of the Easel Projects that’s taking too long to perform the detail pass:

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