Additional centre extrusion piece for split table build

In the default build kit there is an extrusion piece that goes right up the middle underneath the wasteboard.

In my build I split the table under the frame so I can mill items which are deeper than the Z-depth from the washboard to the x-axis.
The way I did this was to build on a 44" square Kreg steel frame, then top it with three pieces of 45"x15" 3/4" MDF. The left and right piece are bolted to the frame. The middle piece comes out, giving me the gap I need.
The centre line piece of extrusion ended up going up the inner edge of the left hand piece of MDF;
I need another piece to go up the right hand side.

on the web site I see a number of different extrusion lengths.
I think the one I want is the last one:

$18.63	26049-04  958 mm	20 mm	20 mm	Black	Black Anodized

Can someone confirm this is the part I need to add this piece to my build?