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I work for Inventables in UX and research. I am gathering feedback specifically about the Additional Cut Depth feature recently launched for Easel. How many times have you used it? How helpful it was? is there anything that you would change to it?

If you are interested in sharing your insights, please schedule a 15 minutes video call with me during the next few days using the following link:


-David Molina

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I suspect that your more seasoned users will stick to editing the material thickness to accomplish the same task that additional depth does since the feature doesn’t allow for custom amounts…

And I suspect that the people who actually do use it are those new to the software within about the past 6 months. So it’s likely still serving a purpose to that demographic, but those longer term users are unlikely to use it without custom values.

Customizing pre-determined settings, such as additional depth, or even the parking position, would be nice, even if its off in a hidden “advanced settings” page that’s tougher for the first time user to find and mess up… ohh and a “reset to default” option in there as well.

Just my 2 cents, & I don’t have any other inputs about the function and feel that I’ve articulated what I wanted to well enough here, so I won’t waste either of our time with taking up a seat in your video call schedule.

Thank you for the insights! Those are all good topics to consider. And yes, it seems like more experienced users like yourself (extremely experienced) may have other techniques to accomplish the same goal.

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I’ve been using Easel since 2018, and personally I’ve found the added depth very useful. When I use other methods, i.e., changing the depth of the material, I also need to account the depth of the tabs along with the material depth. I’ve found the added depth feature keeps the tabs cut at the material depth, but the machine cuts deeper only in the non-tabbed areas to ensure a full cutout. My typical selection is 0.05". For me, it’s one less thing to have to calculate.


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