Additional Router Support Arm

While I was carving a large project with a .25 end mill, I realized that I can eliminate 99% of my x-axis chatter by simply putting my hand on the top of the router for extra support. I’m not pushing or anything, just resting it there. I suppose it’s dampening the vibrations. Has anyone else noticed this and/or come up with a solution that doesn’t require you to stand at the machine for the whole carve? I was thinking about making a weighted collar that goes on the yellow part of the router, but I figured I’d ask the community first. I couldn’t find anything on this subject in the search bar and I figured that I can’t be the only one who noticed this.

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I discovered that same process works for my chattering kids; when I lay my hands on em, they stop. :wink:


@PhilJohnson has come up with a support arm solution.

I’ve noticed the same exact thing a couple times

I’m hoping this fall is going to pay, because I have ANOTHER upgrade now with the direct drive Z axis. When my wife starts to say all the stuff I make her isn’t enough and complains about me spending $ on upgrades I’m going to tell her Phil made me do it through his subliminal mind control by posting all his upgrades…lol


You really don’t want to get into a contest with @PhilJohnson on who has the bigger x-carve. :smiley:

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It’s not the size of the x-carve, it’s what you produce with it that matters.


I thought it was all about feed rate.

Plunge depth.

Carving time!

Well, that escalated quickly…

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It’s all about BLUE LOCTITE!

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