Adjust for acme screws

Okay here we go. I have a 1500 x 1500 workbee with acme screw drive and an x-carve controller and Easel.
I can use some advice on getting it set up. It’s all assembled and x-carve controller and easel all loaded.
This seem to check good. When carving words the letters run together.
Example: FUN= “F” is okay…“U” starts at the end of the “F” legs. The “N” starts on the right side of the “U”.
Anyone else ever have this?
Any advice? Any suggestion? Thanks

Your steps/mm settings are wrong. $100 for X and $101 for Y. The correct value depends on your motors, microstepping setting and screw pitch.

Please don’t create multiple threads about the same issue.

Hello, Thank you for the fast response and suggestion.
The machine settings are:
X- $100
Z- $102
The test results in metric are right on the money for all three in 10mm increments. Do you think although we have accurate test results for travel that we should consider increasing travel for X and Y?

Yes, those are the variables that should be adjusted. What are the values of those variables? But if you have actually measured that you get the right amount of movement, then you are probably using a larger end mill than the one you used in the program.

Okay my values are as follows:
X- $100=200
Y- $101=200
X- $102=53.7

As for the end mill we’re using a 4 flute milling cutter.
3.175mm dia.
38.5 total length

Tests were carved into clean dry MDF.

The board I’m banging my head on is a 24 x 24 red oak.

What are your $110-112 and $120-122 values?

Hello again,
I see did send twice to this forum. Sorry about that.
I am not at the machine today. I have made myself a note to get this info and post it back to you. Thank you again.
Don and Theresa