Adjust z-probe block thickness

It would be really nice to be able to adjust the thickness of the z-probe block I am using for whichever project. Like if I am going to do an aluminum cut it would be nice to probe straight to the work piece then be able to jump right back to my brass block without having to go throught the machine setup process every single time.


I agree… why those options are not in “Advanced” :thinking:

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Well, I’ve mentioned this before. Easel is also not compatible with the GRB1.1h, Sadly, I think it is time to move on to another software.

So I found an awesome work around for this. Get an X-pendant. Greatest tool for the xcarve in my opinion. It has made my life and 6 step carves in easel a complete breeze.

Nice, but looks so overkill!

totally not overkill. I use almost every aspect this thing has to offer every time i fire up my machine. I also am on a mission to push Easel to its fullest extent. I have not come across a carve i have been unable to accomplish. The x-pendant just makes everything flow extremely smooth. I am able to zero the machine outside of easel and adjust the probe thickness outside of easel in a moments notice throught the pendant. When i machine copper or aluminum or rarely brass I can set the probe thickness to 0 and probe straight to the metal. If i have a taller material i can slide in an aluminum sheet to zero off of, so i am not maxing out the z-axis. the most used feature is the maximization of the G28 and G30 set points for bump and park. when i finish a carve i move it to the back of the xcarve with the push of two buttons. I can not sing its praises enough. And no i am not being paid by for this promotion of his product, I am just extremely impressed by how smooth the work flow has become with it in my arsenal.

How does it communicate with Easel? I just have a spare keyboard next to the X-Carve to jog and such.

EDIT: I saw their video, very clever to use the console. Did not know that there was a hotkey :smiley: I guess I am going to improve my spare keyboard xDDD

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I just started using the X-Pendant recently. The learning curve is not difficult. I am trying to figure out how I lived for 3 years without it. Every day I find new ways to apply it to my workflow.

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I agree with you two, it is a clever concept. Years ago I made a little keypad with a small lcd screen and I am thinking I should repurpose it for this now

Because the thing I disliked after checking the X-Pendant is how the config works and also the units, I would rather have a screen with the current unit and the setup process on it.