Adjustable feet


I can see that being both a benefit and another variable that must be resolved. For leveling the bed, it might give you another input to try before just milling the whole thing flat. Most people have their machine fastened to some sort of table top, so there’s almost 100% contact. Don’t underestimate the forces when the gantry is lurching back and forth, especially with a 611 loaded up. That contact area really helps distribute loads across beams, gussets, fasteners, etc. If you reduce that to only 8 or so locations, those loads get really concentrated.

My $0.02.

I’m working on a rolling cart for the xcarve with a torsion box top in order to ensure the base for the machine is dead flat. I have a similar setup of stabilizers and using push pull clamps set vertically on the side of the case.

I’m in the process of designing a table top with adjustable feet. The idea is to secure the X Carve to the table top and then adjust the table top to ensure that it is level, similar to the adjustable plates on a router table or table saw.

I figured you meant to the xcarve frame - my concern with that is you’d need multiple feet under the frame and adjustment might be tricky especially on the larger machine.

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My recommendation would be to ignore adding the feet and mount the machine permanently to a secure table top. This will help reduce the vibrations of the overall machine.

For light work such as circuit boards, you might get away with adding feet bc there is much less vibration. But for heavier pieces and cuts, you don’t want your CNC dancing across the table.

Just my 2cents