Adjustable nuts "Open Position"

Assembly is going well.

Talks about the adjustable nuts setting them in the “Open” position.

There is a dot on the nut. Once it is assembled, how do you know the “open” position?

While assembling, I’m sure they got moved from the original position.
Want to get them set into the open position before I start assembling the sub-assemblies so it is easier to do later.


If you take a look you can see if the dot is closer to the offset hole or further. I believe it indicates that the hole is closest to it.
So assuming my presumption is correct, dot up would be the most open. Dot down is as tight as you can break it. :hugs:

(Up and down is relative. So I am referring to a completed machine on a flat table “mostly level”. If you are the type to ceiling mount it, please disregard everything and post pics.)

Thanks for the reply.
After I sent the question I went down and continued with the assembly. Set all the “dots” at the same direction.
Then when I needed to adjust them I adjusted the ones that needed adjusting, at that point of the assembly, the same amount each time.
That seemed to work great. Once I got one set of the V-wheels to slide on, I knew I was good with the second since I was making the same adjustment on the other set.

Tomorrows project is the “Belts”!!

Any words of wisdom for that?