Adjusted cut settings too much?

Good mornin’!
If y’all don’t mind, would you take a look at the cut settings changes I’ve made and tell me if they’re too extreme/aggressive or, too conservative still?

First pic is Easel recommendations and the second are my changes:

using a 7.5º Freud v bit for detail btw…

Thanks for any input y’all can give me…

I am still learning and want to see everyone’s answer on this, but will proactively ask questions I believe will come up.

Is it actually soft maple, or similar, you’re carving?

What router do you have and what speed setting on it?

Is this a base X-Carve … or have you stiffened the rails, new Z carriage, or anything like that?

Hi Drew,
Stock X Carve. I will most likely be using cypress, but possibly oak or maybe maple. DWP 611 router set at 1, maybe 1-1/2 max.

I’m not the best one to give advice on settings, yet, and you’re pushing it harder than I ever have so will be very curious to see what others have to say. But I am a bit of a wood geek.

In looking at the recommended settings, most of the woods you’re talking about are similar in hardness to hard maple … not soft … as shown in the Janka wood hardness scale. Note that soft maples are similar in hardness to pines, cherry, etc.. And of course, there can be quite a bit of variety in the species based on cut, aging, etc.

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Seeing no answer from others with more experience pushing their machine (I’m a big wimp), I would at least suggest starting the feed rate lower and then steadily increase during the carve using the + button until it gets chattery.

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Hi Drew, where would I find this “Plus” button? I wasn’t aware you could change anything once carve was in motion; that’s great!

If you look at your screenshots above, once you start carving, + and - feedrate buttons show up in the area where the wood type selection shows before the carve.

Its the only thing you can adjust during a carve and very handy!

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