Adjusting cut path points

After double clicking an image and moving/ adjusting curves, the point wants to snap to the next parallel point. is it possible to get esel to stop locking on to the closest parallel point?

Have you tried zooming in on the part as much as possible and then moving. I find that this helps when editing points and they want to snap to next parallel. that way you have more precise control with the mouse when moving.

yes, zoomed in all the way

That is all that I know to do. I have had this issue before and sometimes I just move the offending node “the one that it tries to snap to” and then align the node I want where I want then move the offending node back. It is a hassle but unless someone in the easel software is willing to add this feature this is what I am stuck with also. I hope you can find a workaround that works for you as well.

Thanks, i have done that a few times as well. not the best solution, but it works in some cases.

Thanks Phil. i wish they would disable it as well.

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