Adjusting cut width

My wife is an artist and craft designer she does sketches of items for me to cut she puts them on plain white paper then I convert them with Inkscape to svg. but the problem I have encountered is that when I cut them it read some lines thinner than others an it won’t cut through is there a trick or something that can enable me to make all the cuts consistent?

You can edit inside inkscape to use centerline and then by adjusting the depth (of a vbit) you’ll adjust the width

Seth, what is inkscape. I have a similar issue, trying to give myself a 1/4" juice channel on a cutting board, but I seen no width adjustment in the line tool. I can play with depth, but nothing I am seeing allows width adjustment.

For a juice Grove use a rectangle (add raised corners if you like) then use the offsetter v2 to offset by your 1/4"… make the inside rectangle 0 depth and you’re :+1:

Personally I’d use a Single rectangle and a box core bit the desired size and do a rectangle “inside the path” instead of a pocket with a specific thickness. :man_shrugging:

Inkscape is a graphic design software… free… that saves as SVG file types.
It does image tracing much better than easel too…

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