Adjusting x carriage

I cannot seem to get the ‘wobble’ out of my x carriage.

I noticed when carving, that my spindle (DeWalt 611) would lift, or flex slightly when first touching the part. This is causing the top of, for instance, the hole to egg and playing havoc with my depth of cut.

I shut everything down and lifted the spindle gently. There is a definite ‘klunk,’ and I can see slop in the x axis v-wheels (z axis v-wheels seem fine). I’ve tried adjusting them to take out the slop, but then everything is too tight to move.

I’ve flip flopped between too tight, and too loose. I cannot seem to find the sweet spot.

What is the trick?

slowly adjust your ecentric nuts on each wheel so that the wheel just stops being able to be easily spun with your finger. If you have the 1000mm machine you will still get some flex in your gantry until you stiffen it.

Dunno, feels like that is what I am doing. Just can’t seem to find the sweet spot. Really, really tweeky…

FYI - Stiffening the gantry is on my list.

also check your y axis and z axis wheels…