Adjusting z-probe thickness in easel

Is there a way to set the z-probe height without going through the rest of machine setup and have Easel remember it. Maybe going to the probe page directly? I assume the values get saved locally in a cookie.

I have spent a lot of time tuning my machine and don’t want the default settings mucking things up.

Hey David…

Follow this link… you can get into advanced settings and make changes there…


Read this already. The only way to get to the probe settings page I could find today is through the machine setup. Looking for a direct path to advanced settings. Got a link?

Only way to change is machine setup.

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Sorry to necro this thread but I just went through this, and I agree, this was a PITA. It would be nice if there was a direct path to the advances setting without having to go through machine set up 15 times… touching the probe… yada yada . My Z probe was off by .034". Ended up a .625 from .591… Tested in small increments.

Quite strange there is still no solution for this. I keep struggling wtih this topic. The value of the touch plate should be stored somewhere, but i can’t find where. I fthink it is stored local. II use 2 machines and that 1 time I switched the computers, the touch plates were switched to…

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Using a GRBL controller, I think you can just send G92 Z(offset_value)