It’s been quite some time since I’ve had an issue like this and I can’t for the life of me figure out whats wrong. I recently replaced my controller board (gshield) and a few worn out bearings. Now I’m getting some issues with round and diagonal cuts. Any suggestions?

I checked that. Z is perfect up and down. It only happens when going in a diagonal from bottom left to top right. Top left to bottom right is fine. Also o’s don’t make the the circle conplete

Checked your pots and tensions?

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I’m with the @RobertCanning. Enough explanation. These are thumbs of the rule.
“Pots, belts, vwheels and pulley set screws. At least one of them is loose.”

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I can’t seem to figure it out. Here is my latest.

Look at the underside of your belts and see if there is a worn spot.

I’ll check that. However, it happens on different spots of the x axis

Is it the same spot on the Y?

In the last 3 tests I did, yes, but it does it all over the board.

Something is slipping, there are only a few options. Are you driving a dull bit too deeply? I can’t really tell how deep you are cutting…I see it is pine…and that really points to belts or pulleys being the problem.

I just took a much better look at your photos…what depth of cut are you using? And feedrate?

I also noticed that when I move 1" along the X-axis it will move ~.9375" the first movement then 1" for the remaining ones. I’ve attempted to tighten the set screws and I’ve readjusted the belt. Still having issues.

I’m still having the same issues. I actually replaced the v-wheels on the x axis, adjusted the belt, checked the pulley tightness and ran the pots through a gambit of power and nothing seems to help. I’m stuck.