Admin please delete 750-1000 X-carve wanted UK based

Hello everyone,

I’m still having no luck finding an X-carve in the UK.

Does anyone have one for sale?


I’m selling my 1000mm X-Carve.
Cost me £2100 a year ago, it was the full bundle version which came with everything on the Robosavvy site.
Looking for £1750
It’s in perfect condition has only used around 10 times to make some woodworking jigs.

Also I am including an Asus X550c laptop with this…

Robbosavvy sell at UK. I order mine from there.

I really wish I could offer you the £1700 but my hands are bound by my loving wife, my limit is £1300 but it does look like a great machine.

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I’ve had a look on there and considering getting the 1000mm but wanted to see if anyone had a used one incase I don’t use it as much but if I find nothing then i’ll have to buy a new one.

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Hi Lee,

I am interested in selling my full bundle 1000mm X-carve with dust control system and a shop vacuum. I bought it from Robosavvy in July last year for £2100 and have only used it for a few projects. I would be looking to get minimum £1500 however. Let me know if you are interested. I am based in west London.



HI Robbie,

Sorry for the late reply, I managed to pick one up Monday morning from up north. make sure to put it on gumtree as it will be the only one for sale in the UK as there are hard to get.