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Advanced settings for Z probe

I’d like to use my Z probe, but even after going through the advanced settings, updating the height of my probe, testing the cycle. It still cuts air :frowning:

Everything I can find here on the forum refers to the advanced settings,

Now what?


Have you checked calibration of steps/mm for the Z axis?
If you send command for Z to move 1 inch does it move 1 inch?

No my Z movement does not match the command button I’m only getting about 45%

I’m using a grbl machine not an inventables, and dnt know how to modify that]

@Wrenchforhire Here is a video to show you how to do the calibration of your machine.

Grbl is the machine control firmware. Inventables’ machines use grbl.
What machine do you have? The correct settings might be posted somewhere.

Paw Paw hit it right on the head, after following his video on calibration my machine is dead on.

Thanks for all of your interest and help

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