Advice adjusting the arduino shield pots

Howdy, anyone can share their voltage values for the pots? I know these are all differents per machine but I want just to know some examples

I was unable to complete the first setup because the low current unable to move completelly the motors, so I setted 1.7V for all the pots and it does work nicely… until I learn more about this

See if this thread helps:

Yes from the instructions I reached that same post and thats why I set them to 1.7V, however I just wanted to know the values other people used.

What are your voltages for X,Y,Z?

When I assembled my first 3d printer the instructions where very specific about this, something like use 0.65V for the extruder and, etc

Sorry, I misunderstood your post.

Each machine is unique and is individually assembled, so it’s not easy to set a specific number that will work best for all users.

Right now I’m running my machine with the NEMA 23s steppers at 1.6 amps per phase. All axes set the same.

Thanks Larry, so you have 1.3V on all the reference pots?

I know all are different but they are very similar at the same time. :slight_smile:


I used that video too but I just wanted some examples of which voltages people get, due the subjective of the process :slight_smile:

I used 1.8V for the Y rails and 1.7 for the other rails and the initial setup works nice now.

I just started this process but I’m getting 1.6v on the X, 1.9 on the y, and 2.4 on the Z!!! Not sure why it’s so high on the Z axis. Any less and it grinds and sounds horrible! Any help?

Turns out my delrin nut was too tight on the rail.


Are you using the gShield? A Vref of 2.4 volts on the gShield would be a current limit of 3 amps.

The gShield is rated at 2.5 Amps max.

The NEMA 17s are rated about 1.68 Amps per phase.
The NEMA 23s are rated about 2.8 Amps per phase.

Sorry for the late response, turns out my delrin nut was way too tight. Adjusted that and it made z travel much easier.