Advice needed on making aircraft instrument panels out of aluminum

Hello, I have recently purchased an X-Carve that I have not yet assembled. My primary use for the X-Carve will be to make aircraft instrument panels, sub panels and other parts out of relatively thin aluminum. The material thickness will be anywhere from 0.032" to about 0.090".

I have a neighbor who does similar work, but he has a huge industrial router. I am sure that I will have a ton of questions, but initially I am curious about speeds and also what can be done do minimize cutting up the washboard since the sheets of aluminum will need to be cut all the way through.

I am simply amazed by the talent that is out there and the projects that you have all made. I am hoping that I am able to get the hang of it and start making some great projects myself soon.

-= Brian Norris =-

For some projects I lay down some thin mdf or scrap wood when I know I will be cutting into the wasteboard. here is a vid I done when I was making a sheet metal sign I was doing plunge cutting and used scrap mdf

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Hey Brian
I am a teacher and we are rebuilding a 1947 Republic RC-3 in class, I love to hear how things are going for cutting those panels, and anything else, have to put the cnc together and does it cut ?

Hamilton Ontario