Advice regaring this poor cutting finish

Just got my xcarve last week. I’ve been trying to carve a topographic. This is the first carve I’ve done using a non intentabkes 1/4 2flute straight bit. The finish was very poor. It is just a roughing pass but other roughing passes have been very clean with other bits.

As this is the first time I’ve used a non inventables bit I’ve just had to have a stab at the speeds and feeds using the easel suggestions for 1/4 in ply.

At a glance can anyone offer any advice as to what is causing this unclean cut? Could it just be a naff bit? Feed too fast?

Any help appreciated. I had my freaky router around the 3-4 mark for speed and the feed was 30inch per min

It looks like you’re using a very dull bit, possibly. You shouldn’t need the router put above 1-2; 3-4 is definitely too high. If you need to put it that high on plywood, you’re doing something else wrong.

Is this bit new?

With a sharp 2F bit I would suggest 16k RPM and 50IPM for starters, start shallow per pass and increase if you think the feed rate is good / Xcarve not struggling.

Any idea of the humidity level of your plywood sample?

Plywood is not the best choice of material. The quality can be all over the map.
A down cut bit can help significantly.

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Brand new. It was cutting at lower speeds it just seemed to struggle a little so bumped it up.


16k would be the lowest setting wouldnt it? Im thinking the bit must just be a rubbish one. Unsure of humidity but ive had really new clean cuts using other bits.


Yeah this is just a practice on some ply although i have had some really nice clean cuts using a different bit. Im thinking this bit is just rubbish