Advice request regarding Dust Boot arm installation

Hi Everyone,

I’m trying to follow the ‘dust control system’ instructions and everything was going pretty well, but I’ve gotten a bit stuck.

The left (facing machine) dust boot arm doesn’t seem to want to fit in the arm bracket. One arm slides easily but the other is stuck. I think it might be a tolerance issue but I’m not sure.

Did anyone else have this issue? I’d love to keep going and am tempted to try and machine out a millimeter to make it fit, but want some feedback before making any alterations to the stock parts.

Thanks all


p.s. see in images the two arm slots (one seems a little off center and wider).

Hi Thoreau
I had the same issue. I emailed Inventables customer service and they sent me a new one straight away. It seems to be a known issue that some of the arms were manufactured incorrectly.

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Hi Sam,

Thanks for your response, I really appreciate that.
All of this is a bit new to me so I didn’t want to make any assumptions.

I’ll get in touch with them and see if they can send a replacement.