Affinity Designer on Sale until Dec 16

For those on a Mac, Affinity Designer is a nice vector drawing app that serves as a good alternative to InkScape. It just won an Editor’s Choice award in the Apple App Store and it is 20% off until December 16th. It is currently $39.99. I find that I’m much more productive in it than in InkScape just because the interface is much more intuitive and, as a native Mac application, it follows the normal key bindings (unlike InkScape in X11).

I don’t have any affiliation with Serif Labs but I want to support a good product. There is a trial you can download to give it a test run and some really good video tutorials on their web site.



Thanks for the heads up on this Mike. I might have to try it out and see what I can do with it.

Nice, thanks! It looks like a great program. Do you know how it stacks up against Graphic (formely iDraw)? I currently use Graphic, but it seems limited.

I’ve never used Graphic and my design skills are pretty basic so I can’t give a reasonable comparison. A few features it doesn’t have that I wish it did are:

  • DXF import
  • Distributing shapes on a curve/path
  • Trace tool (Raster to SVG conversion)

Otherwise it has done what I needed for 2.5D design and it has a nice export “persona” that lets you preconfigure settings. For example, I have an SVG for Easel setting that lets me dump an SVG from select layers in a couple of clicks.

Although InkScape may actually have more features (and is free), I find Affinity’s interface to be much more intuitive for someone who doesn’t do design work professionally. With Graphic and Affinity (and probably others) as such affordable options, the free-ness of InkScape isn’t a big selling point on the Mac.