After a day of head scratching!

Tried to run my wasteboard cut yesterday finally just cut it off after crashing in to everything! This morning set up my limit switches worked like a charm! I noticed at that point my dust boot wasn’t going to clear the y axis supports I have the tall end brackets from Charlie triquetra site I adjusted my y limit switch to allow clearance. I want to run the cut but I want it to air cut to make sure I haven’t got more surprises in store. I use vcarve pro and I’ve set it up as a 29 5 x 29.5 area using a 1" flattening bit settings are as follows .001 depth of cut Raster conventional 90deg angle 2" ramp plunge move. Any input would greatly appreciated

When you go to set the Z-Axis Home position, just set it some distance above the wasteboard.

If the X & Y size of the skim cut design for the wasteboard was right at the limits of the machine, then you just need to subtract the X & Y distance that you move the limit switches to prevent the crashing with the dust boot attached.


Brandon Parker

Thank you for reaching out to me on this. My xcarve is a 2016 model and the max travel is 790 by 790 on the xy. I adjusted the y limit switch yesterday to clear the risers. I’m only going to cut 29.5 on the X and 30 on the y. So I should be good! If you have time I posted another question regarding using the triquetra to set all the axis. It’s titled "triquetra and the wasteboard blues " could you look at it and give me your thoughts?
Thanks Greg