After reading all of this i think i bought the wrong product x carve 1000mm

iv used a carvewright for many years now with no big problems ,and only one program that runs it all ,now I’m reading all this stuff about i will need this program and that program just to use my ptn.files ? to use on this new machine, is there any thing out there that won’t cost me an arm and a leg to do this ? don’t get me wrong its a nice cnc but its not user friendly HELP!!!

I’m not sure how carvewright works as I’ve never used it. If I’m understanding correctly. The software is used for design and toolpath generation? When you generate the toolpathbdoes it giv you the option to choose a Post Processor?

Take a look at this post on the CarveWright Forum:

Doesn’t look that there is a way to convert ptn or mpc files easily.

Any PTN (pattern) you create yourself in the CarveWright Software can be exported as STL as long as you own the CarveWright Pattern Editor and STL Importer software. The STL version of a PTN can easily be imported into the Vectric VCarve software (about $350) or Fusion 360 (Free) or Meshcam (about $200)

Tagged the wrong person. I appreciate you looking out for me though Allen😬

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Thank you all