Ahhhhhhhhhh.... Now I can breathe

But now the wait begins. I’ve been planning, plotting, agonizing over and listing after ordering my machine ever since I learned of its existence…

I have never been more excited to click “submit”

Order was bare bones.

Core components
Bosch colt mount
X controller
Homing switch kit
Z probe kit
1000mm parts…

No waste board, no sideboard. Will have its palatial home ready before it gets here. Torsion bench, in an enclosed (but not acoustically coupled to the rest of the house) room I’m building in my garage.

Router is here, bits/mills, LED lighting for the machine and the room, strip brush for the shoe, vac for said shoe and things of that nature.

I’m 40, but feel like 12 seeing a friend’s dad’s :rabbit: for the first time… A whole new world is opening! And maybe a little :tent:


Have fun with it :+1:

I’m the same way. I’m 57 years old, been a worker for 20 years or so. I’ve never been more excited about anything other than the birth of my kids.

I work away from home, for a month at a time. My machine showed up on my doorstep two days after I left for work. It’s been waiting for me for three weeks now.

I’ve had trouble sleeping. Thoughts of the as yet not understood gcode running through my head. Just a few more days…

That is a perfect description of it. I am 29 now and putting this together was one of the most exciting things in recent memory for me. Now that I think about it, this would have been an amazing project to build with my father even as a grown man.

One of my rationalizations for getting into this hobby and quickly moving to the xcarve from a piranha is maintaining my mental acuity as I age (I’m 53 this month) and not going down the road that my father in law has since retiring in 2009, sitting on his duff losing his marbles while staring at the idiot box and absorbing all the garbage that comes from it. WIth all the different things one can do with it, the x carve is like mental calisthenics! And the three week or so wait was torture a couple of years ago!


Congratulations Christopher :+1: I’ll be doing the same thing soon (ordering a bare bones X-Carve and then upgrading it). It sounds like you’re well on your way to having a lot of fun, and this community is the best place to learn about everything.

How are you planning on acoustically coupling it?

LOL, I feel your pain :grin: Here are a few resources that will help you get up and running;

Framing up a room, with OSB or MDF exterior, a few inches away from the garage walls, ceiling a foot below the existing ceiling, and then doing this:

The drywall is acoustically dead, except for a Fs in the lowest registers. Now, it is not actually deadening, but mass- damping. Using the method above you can cut way down on the sound because the drywall doesn’t actually connect to the framing directly, as it is separated by cleats that are isolated with foam. The vibrations aren’t transferred, or are at least greatly reduced before they are able to reach the lumber, that is much more resonant and likely to even add its own resonance.

Excellent! :+1: I used to be a sound engineer and what you linked to is a very good way to soundproof. Another good (similar) way is to use something like Whisper Clips;

Most people don’t understand soundproofing that well and their contraptions only muffle the sound a few Db. Controlling the source of the sound (the sound vibrations) as you are doing, is the correct way to isolate sound. Filling the Torsion Box with Melamine foam will further isolate the sound coming from the X-Carve. You should also be able to use something like Bright Star IsoNode feet under the X-Carve to further decouple and isolate the noise;


@X-CNC, I did car audio for many years (15-ish) and did SPL competitions in my daily drivers for many of those. I figured out a lot of ways to quiet things down

LOL that’s awesome Christopher :+1: I’m MECP certified and used to build CES display vehicles for companies like Pioneer. Now X-Carve is my passion. You’re going to love X-Carve, and maybe even design a couple of special car audio parts along the way :grinning:

I did a couple of regional demo vehicles for Scosche freelance a couple years ago. Ever used bass box pro? I have an install file for it, and their driver update database is free forever

Not lately, but now I might have to design a subwoofer box with X-Carve…

Even better… this one will print cut sheets, savable as PDF

I haven’t even gotten a shipping notification on my 1000mm… and i am already loading up another hypothetical shopping cart to do a 750x1800 machine…

i’m thinking that having to ability to do longer work pieces, as well as added x axis rigidity might be a good thing… and i hope to use the 1000mm to build the second one… it won’t be an upgrade… a machine unto itself…

to be clear, i mean having 2 standalone machines, to keep… not trade

That sounds like a really nice size. Which steppers are you going with?

Nema 23, with 140oz on the x carriage, 262oz on the x, more than likely. I want something that the X Controller can handle. I would like to do a linear z, and maybe a real spindle if the money allows.

This is all hypothetical, of course, but I try to have each tool I buy pay for the next one. Would be nice to be able to work a 2x4’ sheet of material.

AAAAANDD it’s here!!! I’ve never been a fan of the “unboxing” videos on youtube… but i ALMOST made one tonight…

Got the X-Controller knocked out. I want about 3 more of the enclosures for my Tube Guitar amp builds… But I digress…

Y-carriages are done… one tip I’d like to add to the revised assembly instructions is to mount the stepper motors BEFORE mounting the smoothe idlers. If you do, you can use a ratchet instead of a wrench (or in my case, pliers…):expressionless:

Oh, you should have. Then I could have made my “reaction” video to your “unboxing” video.

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