Ain’t she purty?

Thanks to @StephenCook for the 3D print and @AndyAnderson for the ideas, I have gestated my new baby…

Next will be 2 dust collection improvements…


What spindle is that?


With Muscle Chuck et al…


I just bought one of those as the Metabo branded from Lowe’s for 99. it is really quiet. Mine didn’t come with the plunge base though… figured to save the $$ on something I wont use anyways.

So is that whole mount 3d printed

Yes, the enclosure is 3D printed with this to mount it to the carriage

If anyone needs one of those mounds let me know.
Also if you need one that fits a different plate I can redo the holes as well to accommodate it.

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To add to this, Stephen was brilliant during the design process and fabbed the enclosure straight away…

:slight_smile: thanks.
I actually started it prior to your decision. That way if you did decide it would be done faster.
I also made another before so it was not to hard to make this one. Past experience showed me that I need to consider reinforcement areas as well during the design. I didn’t want it to suffer cracking or other stress related issues.

I noticed in the specs the speed range goes all the way down to 8000RPM - was that the primary motivation for picking this router?

1/2 inch chuck. I have a toolbox full of 3/8 and 1/2 shank inch milling tools from a previous life, and a very special bowl making router bit. Oh…and I could…

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How much for the mount and the plate

Hello Stephen,
I am interested in the mount for the Hitachi. How much? Is the .stl file available? I could print it myself after I get my printer working again.

Hi Adam,
What is the weight difference between the Dewalt 611 and this router? I could not find the specs with just the weight of the bare spindle anywhere…

The hitachi is about 600 gms heavier, mine works very well…no issues

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I can 3d print you one or get you the stl.
I charged $80 for the print out of ABS for the last one.
It costs about 5-8 dollars for shipping.