Air carving issue with new xcarve (post november 2021 model)

Significant issues with air carving regardless of z probe or manual. Ensured accurate bit, accurate material thickness, z probe positioned correctly and nothing works. Please advise. Thank you.

Settings are as follows:


What software are you using to create tool paths?
Are you setting Z zero on the waste board in the soft ware and then setting it on the material with the machine?

This is a common first carve issue… the instructions where you mount the z assembly onto the gantry (4 screws and t slot nuts) doesnt specific the height at which to mount it… kinda up to the user depending on their application… BUT it also doesn’t have any words on that page so, yeah I’d say they could have done better there…anyway I got off topic…

You need to loosen those 4 screws and lower the entire z axis OR get longer shafted bits… unless your actually carving super deep the best solution is really to just lower the axis until.your shortest bit can toucje and go a little into the wadteboard :+1::+1:


Side note… since your probably going to do multi bit carves in the future I suggest changing the $1 settings and the dip switches as explained here:

Mark I am using Easel. I think Seth’s recommendation is what I am going to try first. Although I don’t think I have too much remaining travel to lower the spindle. Not sure if this helps define the problem more but lately I will problem, the bit will raise slightly go into the first cut (not go full depth) but when it moves to the next cut it will raise almost two inches and cut air.

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Mark good point regarding setting zero. I may uninstall the machine this morning and reinstall to verify where zero is located. I’m sure there is an easier way but outside of locating the machine inspector I know very little about g code.

Had this with the new z axis. I’d z -probe then air cut. Turns out the z-axis was bottoming out before the bit hit. There was enough room to probe just not cut. Hope this helps someone else.

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Thank you for the info Peter. What did you do to fix it?

I had set my z-axis height as far up as it would go on the x carriage. I set my bits lower and can lower the z axis on the carriage for the bits that won’t reach.

I was confused because there was no bad sound when the z-axis reached its extent it just went on its merry way just an inch high.

That’s lots of technical language - in short lower the z-axis carriage or the bit.

Seth I lowered the z axis and I think it is finally working. Definitely need to update the instructions. I would never have known to do that.

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This is exactly what mine is doing. I think moving the Z-Axis lower is going to be my first attempt to fix this and then go from there.

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