Air Carving

Good afternoon, Looking for some help. My upgraded xcarve 1000x1000 is air carving. I’ve replaced the X axis, and the X controller board. I’ve tightened my belts, measured X&Y to ensure they are even. I’ll start a two stage carve, the rough is fine, then when I detail carve it will start out then start air carving. I’ve probed both ways and it still does it. I’ve lowered the the Z axis and still does it. Hoping someone in the community can help. I’m at a loss and wood isn’t cheap to keep ruining carves.

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most likely your “Z” axis needs to be lowered 3/8" for smaller/shorter cutters

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I see youve posted into the Xcarve pro topic, but your description of the issue and steps youve taken point more towards this being a standard Xcarve.
I’ll fix the category now…

But with the standard xcarve & the newer z axis, and this is why youre having that depth issue…

My mistake, I have the upgraded Cnc Nov 2021 or later. The X axis has been replaced with a new one same that comes with the xcarve. The X controller board has been replaced with a new one. The machine is still doing the air carving.

You may need to either redo the machine setup in Easel OR manually edit the Grbl settings for the machine to have the correct calibration settings for your setup…