Air Force logo

Does anyone have an Air Force logo or project that they can share? Im just looking for the logo with the wings and star. Im trying to do a flag and was looking for the logo. I am new to Xcarve and having a bit of trouble using image trace to make the web image look good.

I just Googled it and found all kinds of them.
As they say “Google is your friend”

try this

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Thanks Ken!

No problem, good luck with your project.

Its on wikimedia as a .svg
Do be aware that the logo is trademarked and youd need to get the single use license (free) from the USAF TM licensing office to use legally :grinning:


I have seen a lot of discussion about using copyrighted material. There is a fair use of copyrighted images to use for noncommercial uses. Obviously if you are going to sell the images on your work you should get permission. Use of the Air Force logo for a personal project should not need permission. After all how would the Air Force know if you used it for a personal or gift item. I do recommend if you use someone’s art you should pay for it. Etsy has a lot of images as well as others for nominal fees. Public Domain images and things like the AF Logo likely do not have anyone suing them for copyright infringement. Opinions Vary.

I hate to break this to you, but this is untrue. Its a common misunderstanding that is prevelant in the maker world, but people sharing misinformation doesnt make it any more accurate.

There are only a few fair uses and “non-commercial” or “personal use” or “gift” is not allowed without express written permission of the rights owner.

The AF logo is not public domain it is trademarked my the USAF.

If you’ve got legal references (not some cnc users blog post) to identify something different then I’m all ears.

Ps. The refence to etsy listings, well Etsy stopped putting out the annual report in 2018 but in 2018 they had someting of 30,000 listings removed for IP infringements and over 2k shop owners banned for continued use after being warned and having listings removed. I know the USMC, Army and Navy all use a 3rd party IT company to scrub the web and ussue C&D letters to have illegal listings removed.

Wow!!! so you know, no dollar where exchange, hopefully it was for personal use.


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