AJL's X-Carve build thread

Yes, another build – but this is really so I can hassle you guys when I mess something up!

I ordered the XC without the waste board. Made my own based off the specs here

Fortunately I already work with CNC’s, so I cut my waste board at the workplace

I’m still deciding how I want to handle the threaded inserts, since I can’t find the M5’s that come with the Inventables waste board kit anywhere

Torsion box table for the thing. I had never made one before so it worked out for the most part.

Spent about 5 hours last night on the framework. Next step is electrical.

More to come for sure!


I’m very appreciative so far of how everything is packaged and labeled. It’s great that I can lay out the bags of hardware and easily see what I need based off the instructions.

And also little touches like the stepper motor cables being labeled on both ends so I’m not wondering which one is coming through the drag chain. Props there!

Since you already work in a machine shop, why not order a piece of Mic6 or Atc5 fixture plate and never have to worry about the flatness of your machine again.

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