//AK - 750x1500mm X-Carve Build Log

I’m going to try the enclosure out first as designed and just see what the sound level is like. If I need to improve it, I’ll gasket the seams and install mass loaded sound barrier foam on as much as the inside surface as I can.

I work for a Marine Diesel Generator company and we build sound enclosures quite a bit so we have some foam I could probably buy off my boss (hopefully).

I’m glad you brought up the lease issue, I hadn’t really considered that. I’ll look into it!

oh yeah the loud part on the machine is going to be the screaming router but if you upgrade to say a water cooled spindle you could be on the telephone while the machine is running

but yeah I used to Work for caterpillar in there power system division and we would build some wicked sound proof enclosures for generators and things that you wouldn’t know there was a 4000 hp 3516 engine inside lol pretty cool stuff

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Aye! We just built an enclosure for a 150kW CAT generator for a yacht. But we mostly work on Commercial marine stuff. 8kW-1000kW size. But not giant propulsion engines or anything.

I definitely plan to upgrade to a watercooled spindle in the future.

A sound mat on the inside, like dynamat.

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I plan on using something very similar if the noise is too much.

Yeah, I wouldn’t mind switching to a dust collector but I already have a nice wet dry vac. So I’m going to just build a standalone enclosure for the wet dry vac (with isolation foam) which should help a lot.

Ladies & Gentleman,

May I introduce to you the finished assembly!! I was dreading installing the baseplate and aligning all the T-Nuts but that actually turned out to be just about the easiest part of the whole project. I printed out some 1:1 spacing rectangles using illustrator and everything just dropped right in perfectly!

Ready for Calibration & First carve tomorrow!


Thanks!! I actually removed one of the Y axis supports on each side cause I thought it would be overkill… I was originally going to do 7 each!! :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m actually glad I did 6 each side cause I did notice small height differences between each bracket that had to be corrected when bolting it together. I used a 40mm spacer to prop up the Y axis Rail as I tighted each bracket down.

Did some alignment adjustments and surfaced the wasteboard tonight. I still got some really tiny ridges but they are barely noticeable even with running your nail against them. That’s good for now, maybe when i start doing more aluminum and brass i’ll really hone it in.

Anyways, here is a quick video I took during the surfacing. I used a 3/4" bottom cleaning bit from Roman Carbide ( https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B005W18E32/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o05_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 )

Cut settings were 200 IPM - 16000 RPM - .010 Cut depth. Worked really well!


I want a forklift workbench too! :ok_hand:

Also, hope you have a pickup to bring the Beast back home :slight_smile:

Nice, I want to build 4’x6’. Built the electronic box. Have nema 34 motors. Have the 80/20 material. You know that place you to be 5 miles from my house in Fort Wayne. Need brackets and Y axis end plates. Have both a 1/2 router and a VFD. Need to built a work surface. Good luck on you machine.