AlignG - Ultrasonic Tool

It is good or not for X-Carve ???
Genius produit !
AlignG-3 form Kickstarter her


The last time I backed a project I got nothing. and the perks I was supposed to get evaporated.
So I am reluctant to do it again.
Looks interesting. I could probably make one myself.

That’s always the danger. I’ve backed about a dozen projects, most successfully, two failed. I’ve learned to look for the red flags.

I think these guys are mostly on solid ground. They have a demonstration video. Their $100,000 goal is realistic. The only thing I’d be concerned with is their shipping plan, which is April/May 2017. They will probably miss that ship date, because mass production and shipping logistics are always underestimated. I think they need to tag another 3 to 6 months on that to be safe.

But, yeah. I’d probably pitch in if I thought I could use it. I think large CNC beds won’t benefit from 4-corner leveling as much as tiny beds on 3D printers. It’s easy to measure CNC bed inconsistencies with a digital indicator, or even just a length of bent coat hanger wire.

Thanks Brian
I can make one of those devices. I am familar with the tech.
My issue with my system is the height is too low and the MDF board is not moisture proof.
I have to constantly check for error. Anything .01 mm off is bad for the small stuff I like to work on.

Great idea, I decided to back it. The only other projects I’ve successfully backed were a card game and the flexible lego tenons.

I like the idea of this tool. I like the idea of being able to quickly check how flat the wasteboard is, and it looks like it would be easy to square the spindle to the wasteboard. Beyond that, it shouldn’t be much more difficult to measure material thickness and square up the machine itself. Imagine using it to measure diagonals (either shoved in a corner or attached to a longer board shoved in the corner to get closer to the opposite corner). Could possibly also use it to determine how much flex up there is when starting to cut.

@Zach_Kaplan If this kickstarter gets funded, what are the chances of adding some Easel maintenance apps to use this thing for various operations?

Anyone can make an app. We published the API and tech docs at

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