Alignment issues

Hello and good morning, I just recently purchased and assembled my X-Carve. After a day of playing with it and trying one thing or another and chasing wires i called support because of the huge alignment issue i was encountering. Talked with a very helpful lady named Julie and after a couple changes to the firmware she seemed to have me lined out “literally” . Well while playing with and trying one thing and another my machine as seemed to get its self off center again. While carving a four leaf clover on a 12" wide and 10" tall test board the image is shifted to the right and towards the back of the machine or what i would call “up”. Unable to get a hold of support today because of the up coming 4th i’m sure is there any advice or suggestions that might help me? Thanks and have a HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY!!!

If you were to draw a square, does it come out a square? I don’t use easel, but if the machine is calibrated and moving correctly, it sounds like something you are setting in the machine set up part of easel. Maybe where your work zero is located and the size of the material you put in?

Yes Martin I’m using easel I guess I should have said that and yes there does not seem to be an issue with what it’s carving just the location of the carving. Best I can tell after doing a square that came out perfectly except on the material it was 7mm up and 7mm right of what the screen was showing. After another test design it was also up and to the right of what it showed on the screen. I’m zeroing my work in the bottom left corner like easel is asking every time the spindle just seems to travel too far. Thanks

  • How exactly did you set your work zero aka home position?
    (Disregard the wasteboard silk screen)
  • Can you share your Easel project? (File-Share-Shared public, copy URL, click Save and close, paste URL here)

@DerrickMoore In addition to sharing the file, please explain how you are setting the x,y home position on your work.

I guess I’ve deleted the four leaf clover I used but it the simple one out of the easel icons on easel pro. Like i said the homing of my projects are the bottom left corner of the material and following the steps that the program gives you. When I magnified the screen and literally counted the mm and hit the material with a mic its 7-11mm off on the material from whats being shown on the screen. Not a big deal if I know I have to allow for it but like I said it just started out of the blue.