All 3 axis's going in the wrong direction

Is there a setting in easel to reverse direction?

The simplest way is to rerun Machine Setup, and make sure the setup test and verify direction.


  • You can also edit GRBL parameter $2 to invert
  • Swap “polarity” on any, one wire pair, on each stepper motor. Simplest is to swap the wires at the controller side.

Feel free to ask if intimidated by the “OR”-options :slight_smile:

there is a machine setup that has you move the axis and checkmark the direction .
then the software self corrects the direction without switching wires

ive been looking in the machine setup page but i dont see that option

im not seeing an option to test in machine setup

the only options are
Machine type
Motion Controller
Rail size
Lead screw
Dust shoe

then it wont let me confirm it to move on

Check this video and let us know where you come to a halt.
The direction test I referred to is showing at approx 5:04 mark.

it wont let me confirm settings so i cant make it to the page you are talking about, im using a whittle CNC so i followed their directions to set up the machine with easel,


You don’t want to set up a different brand with the easel setup process.