All bit types not appearing

Hello, I have looked at other threads to find my answer but cannot solve this issue. I click on add bits and add a new ballnose bit, if I try to select one for my job, it doesn’t appear. Only end mills and v bits appear.

Any help would be appreciated.


what are you trying to add and/or added?

A Ball Nose Bit

do you have pro?

Yes I do!

check your finishing pass on STL file

Okay, I imported a 3d bowl and yes the ball nose appears. So what you’re saying is the ball nose bit in Easel can only be used for 3d?

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no, just lie and/or fool easel. Easel has a few bugs it’s working out.

Thanks for your help.

Correct; Bits Entered as BALL bits can only be used for 3d finishing.

You could lie and enter it as an endmill to be able to use a ball bit in the 2.5D workspace, but the stepover will also need adjusted and the preview won’t preview the radius either…