All feed rates the same?

Did something change? Seems that all feed rates for materials and bits are the same all of a suddent? I know i can manually change them, but did I miss something?

Not from what I see (just checked now). The Feeds and Depth of Cut change when I change materials.

Are they messing with machine settings? I played around, and now my feed rates change depending on what machine I select. I use to have it selected as a Maslow or other (I just use the Gcode) and now those machines are limited to 10 inches per minute. When I selecte X carve it gives me 80 inches a minute.

The same has happened to me, every job i have has been rest to the same speeds and feeds, regardless of the bit or material?

Seems an update is happening, before this the feeds were only calculated base on material, now it seems bits effect it as well. Where would updates or changes like this be posted?

I hope they resolve it as every job I have done has been reset to much slower speeds :man_shrugging:

Received this from inventables:

Thank you for reaching out, I am sorry for the confusion. We have deployed a change to Easel that increases the speed of fallback cut settings for X-Carve and X-Carve Pro. If you are using a custom bit or custom material, now the speed recommended settings will be slightly faster than what they used to be. However, the depth per pass setting may have been reduced thus changing the number of passes it is required to carve and increasing the carve time.

I just received my X-Carve Pro and have a similar issue. No matter what depth of cut I select, the machine cuts to whatever depth it wants.