All hail the dewalt gods

I concur, it will be the best thing you have done for your machine so far. It is the upgrade of upgrades.

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SO Much more dust AHH I need to make an air diverter Thank god for my resperator

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Either you’re gonna make Dust Shoe or Air diverter. I can’t use Diverter because I have Dust Shoe, that air blowing into cut actually helps me.

I want to make the dust shoe for my 611 and I was wondering how the air blowing from the 611 effected it?

I’ve been considering a dust shoe, I use a ShopVac to collect the dust anyway… Does the standard one fit with the DeWalt, or do I need to start pondering a new design for it?

How well does the collet lock button work?

7Button works great
Well here it is my ar mount for inteliscope lol it’s crap but it works and it went so fast with the 611

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On the DeWalt? Works awesome. I’ve changed bits a million times. Should be even easier with it in the x-carve instead of the baseplate, since you normally have to slide the baseplate off to change bits, and with the x-carve you don’t even have to do that.

DWP611 blows directly to work surface, taking dust out of cut, vacuum air suction sucking the dust. Diverter will generate outside air instead. I didn’t try but if you think about air travel inside the dust shoe chamber, makes sense.

I put my design to Projects section. It seem complicated but not. At least my design, you can adjust height of the shoe when you need it by the bit size. I put G-Code, Easel cut SVG, all part list and sources. Let me know if you interest and can’t find it. I can post again.

Yah, I was mostly worried that the air coming out of the dewalt would be too strong for the vacuum to work effectivaly.

I have no problem what so ever. Little dust comes out if cutting work at the edge, even I adjust the shoe lowest level. But mainly I have no dust.

I just bought a pile of 4mm and 6mm bits, can I get DWP611 collets for them?

I bought some extra collets here:

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I bought the same ones…have not arrived yet.

I just email them to see if they put the 6mm and 8mm in a set for the $35.50 price.

When you state that 4 quiet cut spindles failed, are you referring to the stock 24v spindle that ships with the basic machine?

I hope that is the case because mine also went to spindle hell and I upgraded to the 300w 48v QC spindle.

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Yea the 24 V Quiet Cut

Heres a video at .25 depth per pass it cuts out 4 inch tall mdf letters in about a Min Each

Whew! ok, I feel better now.

That dewalt sounds alot like the bosch colt I had on the pirahna before the x carve showed up.

But it’s going through that MDF like butter!

Sure is and that’s with the machine as it stood no cleaning tightening just but,the switch and go can’t say I’m in happy plus there was almost zero edge that didnt look perfect