All stopped

Cut my first parts using Vcarve and UGS.

Then changed the material out and tried to rerun. UGS or Easel connects, but no motor movement in any direction.

Only thing I did, other then put a new piece of material down, was tighten the belts a tiny bit.

Tried disconnecting the limit switches, but no change. Any advice on troubleshooting?

Turn power off (24 volt power supply, unplug the USB cable). Shutdown UGCS. Power everything back up and run UGCS and see if your machine works.

Thanks, but nope. Not working.

Took the fan off and applied a lot more pressure to the G-shield. Seated down maybe an additional 1/8th of an inch. Now works again!

I had that problem when i first set up, however, no movement from the start. It’s a tight fit.

That’s a common problem with the mounting setup on the X-carve. I put some plastic spacers in the corners of the enclosure so that the lid would not let the gShield move up off the Arduino.

for me, I didn’t seat it properly since i was afraid of damaging the electronics. Wasn’t sure of how much force was required or if it was due to very tight tolerance.