All SVG objects placed at origin on import to Easel

Good Day All,

When I import my SVG from Inkscape into Easel all of my objects are present but they loose their X,Y position. In the case of this graphic (which is made up of text) all of the letters end up stacked on top of one another at the origin.

I am assuming I am saving my SVG incorrectly or missing a step in the conversion process. When I try the CTRL-Shift-C to convert to path, I get the response no objects to convert to path.

Any ideas on what I should try?

Full background is that I have tried to make a graphic from a word cloud using Wordify. Wordify saves as a vector PDF which I was able to open, view correctly in Inkscape, and save as an SVG. When the import failed for the entire image, I reduced the image down to only one word until I could rectify the problem. I think if I can solve it for the one word, I should be able to apply the solution to the rest of the image.


That is weird. Does it do it when you create a new file in inscape only?
No importing / PDF converting?

I know other people had issues with SVG files generated by other programs doing weird things when loaded into easel.

Have you tried saving as “Inscape SVG” and “Plain SVG” too see if that makes any difference?

I’ve successfully imported a SVG from Inkscape with letters following a curved path. The letters once in Easel were correctly positioned but individual elements so could still be positioned and scaled if necessary.

So would suggest that something is happening at your import of PDF into Inkscape.



Thanks all for the input. I’m curious what is being broken between Inkscape and Easel by the pdf. I’m thinking I might need to open the xml of the svg and see how the object coordinates are set. I wonder if the vector pdf has added some type of header that is confusing easel but not confusing Inkscape?

That is why I suggest trying the “Save As Inscape SVG”.
It has the same extension but, maybe resets the header info?
I am assuming just hitting “Save” in inscape does not do this.
Worth a try.

Saving as inkscape svg didn’t work, but I was able to open a DXF in inkscape then export as SVG and have the paths generate correctly in Easel.

I noticed I get different behavior when I import the PDF using Poppler in Inkscape. I am now confident it has something to do with the PDF import process. I think I will try to save the image as a bitmap and use a raster approach to get my relief cut out via different software. I’ll dig into the file soon to identify what the differences are between an acceptable and erroneous file.

Thanks all for your help on this. This simple little gift for my mom has turned into quite the project.

Glad to hear you got a work around.