All the photos

How do I get rid of all the photos beside all the pattern

I’m not exactly sure what you are asking. Can you explain with more detail?

In Easel on the left side where all the pattern is there is also a bunch of instagram photos
Between the patterns and the workspace

can you post a screenshot?

Following, I would like to turn this column of Instagram photos off as well. Here’s a screen shot.

wow, I am in Easel right now and do not have that. I’ve chosen not to upgrade for a while. That may be why.

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Running Easel 0.3.2 myself

Easel Local wouldn’t dictate what you see in the browser. That’s all server side Inventables control.

I’m not either on 2 desktops and a laptop.

Hi folks,

We’re experimenting with sharing all of the great things people in the Inventables community are making. One way we were hoping to share that is through Instagram photos in the sidebar. We’ve deployed the feature to a few users and we’re looking for feedback. If you have photos in the sidebar but find it distracting, we can remove you from the beta.

@KristianAng and @SteveMilby, you have both been removed from the beta.


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So how did @KristianAng and @SteveMilby get added to the Beta? Did they sign up? I don’t recall being asked to be added to future beta testing. I wouldn’t be super thrilled about opening up Easel and there being changes I didn’t expect.

@ahinz I would also like to stop seeing the Instagram photos in the sidebar. Thank you!! Being able to CHOOSE to see them would be fine! Being forced to see them; not so much!

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