All vectors created with the line tool use the same tool parameters

I created features for an engraving project using the line tool. The idea was to select each vector and center the tool path on it using unique cut depths and cutter bits for each. I was dismayed to see that if I select one vector and assign a tool and cut parameters to it, ALL vectors take on those parameters, not just the selected vector. The features are not grouped in any way. Moving features backward and forward makes no difference.

I am new to this software, but cannot find any information on the help screens or via Google searches.

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If you want to use different bits, you need to have a rough cut and a finishing cut. You can add a finishing cut by pressing the + sign, next to the bit size.

It is probably best to use the rough cut / finishing cut scenario for better results. The machine will stop between rough and finish cuts to allow you to change bits.

OR, you can copy the lines you want, delete them and then paste them in another window. When you copy and paste into a new window, the pasted lines will exactly line up when you switch to the next window to continue your cutting. You can open additional windows by pressing the + symbol to the bottom left, below the drawing window.

If you want different depths with the same bit, just select the line you want to cut at a different depth and go to the cut settings to set the new depth.

Hope this helps.

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