Allow us to save (and then load) Easel project files to our computers

I’m new to Carvey, and to Easel, and am just getting my feet wet, but I’m already finding Easel’s file management system to be very clunky. There’s no way to organize files, deleting files requires too may steps (with all those “untitled” files, I have to open the file first, view it, then go back, remember which “untitled” I viewed, then delete it), no way to create hierarchal folders and organize projects by folder, I have to open a file first just so I can rename it, etc…

Instead of “being in the cloud”, I’d much rather if I had the option to save as an easel file to my local desktop, and then later have the ability to open (via upload) from my desktop.


Some of us have been asking for this “feature” for a long time. So far, I am not aware of any response from the developers. IE, do they even consider this to be a good idea? Are they working on it? Are they even listening?

Very frustrating to think all of us could lose all our projects in one hacking attack on their servers.