Almost done with carve

I have no clue what happened was going descent till the end and started going off course and bit broke

Not having any good outcome with x carve at all

Looks like you’re loosing steps.

Verify Vwheels are tight, belts are tensioned right, Z axis has no play.

What were your cut settings?

Too aggressive cut. Try much shallower cuts, Dewalt speed 2, no more than 60 ipm feedrate. Could be several turns more but you’ll like the result. Sorry about broken bit. Seems very good condition bit was.

I never changed the cut settings I need to learn the feeds and speeds

But what are they in Easel? Is it a default value? What material did you choose?

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Are you able to share your file so we can see the settings?

What kind of material and big did you use?

I’m not even sure how I could share the file ha ha

I will have to call inventables and see what I can do not sure what I’m doing very frustrated need this machine for business I’m trying to start

Please give us a call we have Customer Success associates available 9-5.

You can share a file in the File menu.