Almost fully assembled, any last minute checks I should do?

My 1000mm X Carve is almost fully assembled (just need to do the electronics)

Are there any important tips and tricks I should do or check before powering up for the first time?

After I power it up should I do any checks before trying a project?

Any tips for regular maintenance?

I have never used a cnc before and am very excited to learn this machine and get it pumping.

Is it possible to v carve easily with the xcarve?

Thanks in advance!

Use blue loctite on your pulley set screws. They will back out without it. Once I went to that, I haven’t had a problem and I’ve done at least 100 projects since that time without anything major going wrong. Retension the belts occasionally is about all I’ve had to do. I agree 100% on a dust boot right away.

In addition to @PhilJohnson saying have lots of fun, remember Safety First! Always unplug the router when changing bits. One of my good friends nearly lost the fingers on one of his hands changing bits around this past Christmas. He’s just getting use of them back now.

I will be doing a safety video soon and will be showing some of the things I do and the habits I’ve developed to make sure this hobby is as safe and profitable as possible.

Phil, in most cases I’d agree that it may be overkill but something went wrong and it doesn’t hurt to be safe. I actually have a remote controlled plug in that I can turn on and off with a remote. No bending or reaching needed to pull a plug from an outlet; it’s simply pressing a button to cut the power. Nobody ever plans on something like this happening, but having the power cut is just one extra layer of protection.