Alphacam Post?

Hi everyone,

I have been searching with little luck, so I thought I would ask.

Has anyone successfully used Alphacam and X-Carve together?

I have an industrial CNC at work and will be using the X-Carve to prototype parts or cut samples and not have to disrupt the “big brother”. Ideally I’d like to do it Alphacam since I have access to it and can program more tools like tapered ball end mills.

The next option is to create my own post. I found this resource here:

Is there any specific start and finish gcode commands that are required?

Thank you!

It sounds like you want to design with Alphacam ad then have Alphacam’s G-code output run on you X carve for prototyping and validation.

Easel supports G-code import and export.

I would start first in Easel designing some basic shapes and then export that G-Code. You will be able to see what it places and the start and finish.

Next, you will need to set up a similar profile in your Alphacam so that its G Code output has similar start and end code. After that, it should be possible to generate a design in Alphacam and then either import that to Easel or send it directly to your X Carve using a G Code sender.

The downside to importing G Code into Easel is that you lose most of the features. You cannot preview what you import. You cannot use Easel to further edit imported G Code.

Thanks Harry! That is correct. I will try and see what Easel puts out. Reading in depth I realized that the xcarve can’t do arcs, much like a 3D printer. That may be a limiting factor.

It can, in a way. Grbl can take arc commands and then break them into linear segments.
Easel, however, cannot send the commands. Just about any other grbl sender can.