Alternative limit switch mounting on Z-Axis?

@AngusMcleod Those screw holes match up perfectly, I ordered those the other day to replace the one I crashed into on the Z axis. $0.48 each for replacements when I kill more and lots of spares. :smile:

Did you read my post for protecting Z switch. ?

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I did, that’s next step. I read it after I broke the first one in Easel. :blush:

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They are ok. That is exactly the switch I used on my 500mm

How has this been working for you so far?

Do you have a suggestion that worked well for you to protect the X and Y limits?


I only used for Z axis, that’s the only one you can easily break. But if you can find a way to limit other axises same way, it works.

I cut a small piece of 1"x1"x1/16" aluminum angle 5/8" long * mounted into wheel under the switch
to provide a good contact surface for the Z-Axis switch to hit. I did this because my switch was
slightly damaged before I got my GRBL settings correct.
( I use normally CLOSED to eliminate RFI/noise ).

Thanks for the tips guys. I appreciate the feedback and suggestions.

Hot glue. Seriously. Works just fine for me, and if you crash, the glue fails before the switch does.

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This post was from last year, inventables sent me another plate. Thanks for the suggestion though