Alternatives to Easel

Hi. I am very interested to get a x-carve.

As good as Easel might be, I am not very pleased by “internet” operated machines, since I already have quite a graveyard of expensive electronic garbage, where the manufacturer decided to stop the website.

As I have seen in other articels, Fusion 360 or V-carve seems to be an alternative. If I use Fusion, how do I get then the machine working without easel. Is there a similar way like in 3D Printers to put in a sd card with g-code ? Or is there at least a serial interface like on 3d printers that might be used with octoprint or similar android/raspberry devices ?

So most people who do not want to run their machines “tethered” to the Internet use UGS (Universal Gcode Sender). You can also use GRBL. You can also buy another motion controller and use Mach 4.

Easel also allows you to export the G-Code so you can continue to use Easel to create your designs and tool paths, but you can export and save those tool paths to run at any future time.

I have Vectric Vcave Desktop but I sometimes create designs in Easel. I export the GCode and run it on my machines using different GCode senders. My Linksprite mini mill runs on GRBL. My Techno Isel Davinci III uses its own native sender.

Easel has been around a long time. It’s ease of use makes CNC design and operation more accessible.

Easel is a 3-1 package
1 - CAD (Design)
2 - CAM (Generate tool path/gcode)
3 - Sender (transmit gcode to machine)

Most other programs are only the first two, you still need a sender program but here you have many options.
To ensure compatibility between design program and machine one need a “translator”, aka Post Processor/PP (its like a plugin) to match.

So find the design program and tool path suite that fit your needs, then match it with the correct PP and send this via your sender program of choice.

Fusion360 is also cloud-based BTW.

Thanks for the answer. I will certainly use Easel, since I think its very easy to use, as i have seen till now. But I also want to get sure, that the miller will continue to work, when inventables decides to close the website for whatever reason. Since I have some experience with GRBL and Inkscape from my Laser Cutters, I am very pleased to see, that there are options to run the X-Carve with “independant” software.
So thanks again for the answer. So next thing will be ordering the x-carve.

Cheers Gion