Alternatives to Easels

Halo. Im pretty new to inventables, my question is: what other alternative softwares are there to use with the X-carve?

Any graphics program that can generate tool path, like Vcarve, Aspire. Meshcam, Fusion360 are the name of some.
When you generate tool path, sending that Gcode to machine using Universal Gcode Sender or Chillipeppr.

I highly recommend Vcarve from Vectric, they have two versions the Desktop for $350 and the pro version for $699.

They off a free trial of both version that will let you create their demo projects.

If you’re willing to spend money, go ahead buy V-Carve pro, someone is very sorry didn’t buy Pro, just stock with Desktop edition.:smile:

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The good news is Vectric will let anyone upgrade from desktop to the pro version for just the price difference of $349.


V-Carve Desktop would be my first go-to if you’re not familiar with solid modeling. If you ARE familiar with solid models, then Fusion360 is a tremendous program, and free! MeshCAM is also handy, and very user-friendly.

hi all thank you for the advice I will surely go through the options and see whats best for my situation

hi DanBrown

Is it possible to carve straight from fusion360 to the X-Carve or I need to export thru some intermediary software please can you elaborate… I also notice that easel cannot import most file types exportable by fusion360??

You need a controller program, but there is a Shapoko export available around the forums here that works directly with Fusion360 to post G-code that works flawlessly with the X-carve.

My present toolchain is Fusion360 --> Chillipeppr. I’m doing my modeling in F360, then going directly to the CAM tool to generate my toolpaths. The only thing I’m not doing in there is text carving, where I am using V-carve. :smile:

great thanks

Vcarve is great if you want to do work with v-bits. If not, look at MeshCAM for $100 less.

I’m currently learning V carve pro. In the toolpath creation area where you can save toolpath, there’s a checkbox that says “output directly to machine”. Does that mean that v carve can send the g code straight to the xcarve without having to use a separate program? I have searched the manual and literally everywhere and can’t find a reference to that particular option.