Aluminium Alloy


Getting Aluminium in Denmark isn’t easy, but I found a webshop in Germany that sells in whatever size I want. I’m used to 4-digit numbers (like 6061), but on the webshop, they use a name based on alloy elements. I can get something called AlCuMg1. I don’t know what the “1” means in the name, but it should translate to 2017 in the 1000-8000 series. On the site: Shapeoko Wiki Aluminium is says:

AU4G (2017) is really good at machining: you can take deep passes (~0.3 to 0.5mm) at something around 500 to 800mm/min (20 to 23 ipm). This aluminum will resist to the heat and won’t melt.

That sounds good, but most people talk about 6xxx series for milling. 2017 has a higher melting point, so why would I choose 6xxx over 2017(AlCuMg1)? I can also get 7075 (AlZnMgCu1,5) but I don’t thing X-Carve can mill it.

I have no experience with any other alloys than 6xxx or 7xxx, but my advice would be to stick with the alloys that are known to mill well.

Consider the fact that an x-carve is not super rigid, so I wouldn’t make it harder on the machine than it needs to be.
Sadly I can’t help you with a supplier in Germany The only german supplier I use does profiles, but no raw stock. But there should be plenty i would think.

Btw Where are you from in Denmark?

I can not get 5mm 6xxx without buying 2000x1000mm sheets. That’s just way to much aluminium. I will try 2017A and see how it is milling. I can get a small sample cheap.

I’m from Bogense (Fyn).

One tip, search for any local CNC shops, they are bound to have some material on hand. I made a deal with one local to me so I can dive into and pick from their leftover pile and purchase by the kg :slight_smile:

Thanks for the tip. So far no luck though.