Aluminum.. and the Inventables $9 '2 Flute Upcut Spiral' bit


When i bought my X-Carve last year i also picked up a few of Inventables el-cheap-o $9 1/4 end mills ( I used one for my first test cuts then moved on to better bits…

However, Now I need to cut a simple ‘notch’ in some aluminum tooling plate (ATP5) but I have broken all my ‘nice/spiffy’ bits I’ve used with aluminum in the past.

So here i am… looking at my box of bits wondering if these ‘cheap’ bits will cut my aluminum plate? i just need a 1/4" bit to put a small 1/2" notch 4" long on the side of 1/4" cast aluminum.

Sure, i could order a new bit but im impatient and don’t want to wait for it to arive!!

Should i risk it? :slight_smile:

The way I would look at this is, if you have broken all your nice/spendy bits already, you do not have much to loose trying a cheap one. It might just surprise you.

To answer my own question… Yes, the cheap $9 ‘kit-bit’ does cut aluminum.

It actually didn’t do a half bad job.