Aluminum billet

I was curious if anyone has had experience with cutting aluminum. I’d like to carve something into a piece 3/16 thick but not sure if the x carve has the ability to do it. Any wisdom on it would be helpful

Here are some search options for you:

For aluminium carving the best start point are these:

  • Make sure your machine is as rigid as possible - important
  • Run minmum RPM (16k with the Dewalt)
  • Use single flute upcut bits, 1/8" is a good size for sheet work
  • Go relative fast on feed rate and shallow depth per pass. The more rigid the machine is the deeper you can go per pass.
  • Chip evacuation, blast air is good
  • Sheet will want to lift during cut so you need a good hold-down method. 3/16" will most likely be stiff enough and not lift. I use a masking tape and CA glue sandwich.